We are a team of specialists dedicated to the management of foot and ankle conditions. We are based at OSD healthcare in Hemel Hempstead. 

The treatment of foot and ankle conditions often require multiple specialties to work together and we strongly believe in collaborative working to achieve the correct diagnosis and the best outcomes. 

Set up by Ed Ieong and Ben Rudge, we work together as a unit with the help and assistance of other specialists to deliver comprehensive treatment of all foot and ankle conditions. We work together with musculoskeletal radiologists, physiotherapists, orthotists and podiatrists to ensure all aspects of your treatment are covered. Holistic, patient centred care is our priority. With our collective experience and integrated work ethos, we are here to provide you the best care under a single group. 

As part of our collaborative approach, we undertake regular multidisciplinary team meetings to discuss challenging and interesting cases for both governance and education. We have direct links to specialists to ensure care is consistent and concordant. 

This allows us to offer a one stop service; all the relevant specialtes and expertise under one roof. We are also able to provide some of the latest treatments including shockwave therapy and the Alter-G treadmil.

We are active in our role in teaching and training and bring together a wealth of experience to share and learn from others. We are happy to undertake GP and physiotherapy teaching seminars and welcome the opportunity to discuss your cases in our MDT meetings. 



Foot and ankle reconstructive surgery


We see all foot and ankle conditions, from bunions, deformities, ligament and tendon disorders. We are trained in the latest techniques including minimally invasive surgery

Foot and ankle trauma surgery


We are experienced in the management of fractures, sprains, sports injuries, and the rehabilitation following trauma and injuries

Radiology services


We provide rapid access to specialist radiology investigations (CT, MRI, ultrasound scanning) and direct links to musculoskeletal radiologists ensure accurate and timely reports. We hold regular meetings to discuss interesting and difficult foot and ankle cases.

Complex cases

Our collective experience and collaborative MDT approach creates a forum of discussion to best manage complex cases



Our physiotherapists are there to work with you to achieve the best outcomes pre and post surgery and are able to manage a whole host of conditions without surgery.

Oiur physiotherapy servcies also offer the latest treatments such as Shock wave therapy and the Alter-G treadmill.

Orthotics and podiatry


The right insoles and braces are important to achieve compliance and good outcomes. From advice to custom made insoles and braces, we have the right expertise to work with you and your feet.




Edmund Ieong

Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon


Ben Rudge

Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon


Hannah Watkinson

Podiatrist (Biomechanical Specialist)


Alok Arya

Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist 

Foot Massage

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Edmund Ieong

Ben Rudge



Our Address

OSD Healthcare

Boundary Way, One Medical House, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7YU

01442 331900

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  8AM – 8PM

Saturday    8AM – 2PM